Thursday, April 27, 2006

Strategic Vision 2008 Washington State Poll

Strategic Vision has a new Washington state poll out that currently has Governor Richardson running 8th in our state. Results are based on telephone interviews with 800 likely voters in Washington, aged 18+, and conducted April 21-23, 2006. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

Here's what it looks like:

Hillary Clinton 33%
Al Gore 17%
John Edwards 12%
Russ Feingold 9%
John Kerry 9%
Wes Clark 2%
Joe Biden 2%
Bill Richardson 1%
Evan Bayh 1%
Ed Rendell 1%
Tom Vilsack 1%
Barbara Boxer 1%
Mark Warner 1%
Undecided 10%

It's important to note that only Democrats were asked this question, so there is no Republican influence. Also, it's early, so these numbers really don't mean much.

The way I see it, 3 of the people above Richardson (Gore, Edwards and Kerry) are already losers of Presidential bids. Though Edwards hasn't been the Party's nominee he was on the ticket after he lost in the primaries to Kerry. Gore is making his comeback but he's already lost twice. Are Democrats really going to bet on someone who has lost this time around? I don't think so.

Governor Warner was low in this poll presumably from a lack of name recognition, but he was just in Seattle for a fundraiser on Monday night.

Governor Richardson is low in this poll, in my opinion, because Washingtonians don't know him yet. Give it time, and let this blog and Governor Richardson introduce himself to Washington, and I think everyone else will see what I'm seeing. Richardson is the right man for the Presidency in so many ways.


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