Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Recap: BR Visit With WA Bloggers

Mollie over at The (liberal) Girl Next Door, posts her thoughts on the discussion we had with Governor Richardson last Sunday.
I was invited to join a blogger meet-up with Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico last week and I have to say, he’ll make an impressive Presidential candidate should he choose to run in ’08. I can’t say that I’m a supporter, but I did like what he had to say about immigration, the minimum wage and energy policy, particularly how it relates to foreign policy and national security.


He did say he supports an Apollo like project for renewable energy and that he thinks subsidies for nuclear power should be scrapped. Funding the science and discovery of new technologies is where we should be focusing our attention, it’s the right thing to do for the planet, for the stability of our country and because it will support new industries that will help grow our economy and provide more jobs. The Governor talked a bit about how he’s done just that in his own state with great success.
Sounds like a progressive agenda to me. Hearing the Governor speak about these initiatives, to me, is like hearing JFK talk about landing a man on the moon. Governor Richardson is clearly committed to moving our country into the next century and beyond. He has clear ideas of where we need to go and how we need to get there, and he has the experience to make it happen. It's time to get behind Richardson and move our country forward.


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