Monday, July 10, 2006

Governor Richardson on Meet the Press

In case you missed it, Governor Richardson was on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday morning, speaking about the issues surrounding North Korea. You can find the transcript here.

In the interview Governor Richardson laid out his plan for how things should be going. He should know, since he's directly negotiated with the North Koreans before.
Our policy so far is not working. What you have is North Korea has quadrupled its enriched plutonium since 2002. The six-party talks are going nowhere. We should talk directly to the North Koreans to discuss what is next. They need to dismantle their nuclear weapons. They need to destroy their missile capability. The only way to do that, in my judgment, is face-to-face talks at a level of Christopher Hill. He is a competent diplomat. The successes we’ve had with the North Koreans have been through direct engagement: when I got some pilots out of North Korea, when Bob Gallucci negotiated the agreed framework, Secretary Albright close to having an agreement on reducing or terminating their missiles.
But the best indicator of how things are currently going with North Korea was when Governor Richardson said:
We are trying to outsource our foreign policy to China.
Leave it to the Bush administration to find a way to outsource foreign policy. Leave it to Bill Richardson to have another common sense solution to a serious problem.


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