Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Richardson <3 Bloggers

In yesterday's Albuquerque Journal, Jeff Jones and Trip Jennings wrote an article on how Governor Richardson is reaching out to bloggers, which mentioned our friends at the Bill Richardson blog, and America for Richardson, as well as this blog.
Gov. Bill Richardson has been lavishing some <3>He spent Sunday afternoon chatting with another group of bloggers in Seattle. Last week, he launched into a plug for the blogging phenomenon during a speech at the National Association of Secretaries of State convention in Santa Fe.

"The bloggers are here to stay," the governor told the convention-goers. "Don't dismiss those folks. They are strong. They are everywhere. They blog everything."


A quick Google computer search using the words "Bill Richardson" and "blog" turns up a long list of sites from enthusiastic Richardson supporters around the nation.

At the top of the list is, an unabashedly pro-Richardson chronicle of recent news items that also offers links to other Richardson fan sites including America for Richardson, Missouri for Richardson, and Washington for Richardson.
That's right, we've organized ourselves and linked to each other all in the name of promoting Governor Richardson and his policy initiatives. I want to stress that we are unofficial representatives of the Richardson campaign and our opinions are our own and not the official positions of the campaign. But in the words of Governor Richardson at our meeting this past Sunday, we're "his guys" and we hope to expand the Richardson blogosphere as much as possible.

Photo above is Governor Richardson with Washington for Richardson co-founders Ken Camp and Emmett O'Connell. Emmett also is a co-founder of America for Richardson.


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