Saturday, July 08, 2006

Richardson Leads the Way on Clean Renewable Energy

Western Democrat has 2 great posts up, one by our own Emmett O'Connell, discussing how Governor Richardson is taking the lead in the fight to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and to establish clean, renewable energy sources.

You can read Emmett's post here, and the other post here.

What is clear is that in a time when our dependence on foreign oil has brought us the highest gas prices in history, record profits for oil companies, Texas and Wyoming oilmen in the White House making sure their cronies are taken care of at the expense of the consumer, and further instability in the Middle East which helps to drive the prices up, Governor Richardson (himself a former Secretary of Energy) is taking the lead in ensuring our future.

Richardson's future, and the future of America, is one of environmental conservation through development of renewable resources, consumer protection from spiking prices at the whim of Middle Eastern sheikhs and Big Oil, and one where energy companies don't write energy policy. Bill Richardson gets it, and it's just another reason why we support him for President in 2008.


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