Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where is the Love for Bill Richardson?

Cross-posted over at Daily Kos. Let it not go unstated that we at Washington for Richardson have a lot of love for the Governor.

Though it's early in the race for 2008, and nobody is yet a declared candidate, I find it interesting that on Daily Kos, I'm seeing more netroots support for Senator Russ Feingold, General Wes Clark, and Governor Mark Warner than any other candidates. And I'm wondering why am I not yet seeing a lot of netroots support for New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am the founder of Washington for Richardson, and he is my candidate for 2008, should he decide to run.

As I posted at Washington for Richardson, the Albuquerque Journal reported last week on Governor Richardson's outreach to bloggers.
Gov. Bill Richardson has been lavishing some <3>He spent Sunday afternoon chatting with another group of bloggers in Seattle. Last week, he launched into a plug for the blogging phenomenon during a speech at the National Association of Secretaries of State convention in Santa Fe.

"The bloggers are here to stay," the governor told the convention-goers. "Don't dismiss those folks. They are strong. They are everywhere. They blog everything."


A quick Google computer search using the words "Bill Richardson" and "blog" turns up a long list of sites from enthusiastic Richardson supporters around the nation.

At the top of the list is billrichardsonblog.com, an unabashedly pro-Richardson chronicle of recent news items that also offers links to other Richardson fan sites including America for Richardson, Missouri for Richardson, and Washington for Richardson.
That's right, Governor Richardson is into blogs and the role we bloggers play in the political process, and he genuinely wants to engage in dialogue. He showed that by going to Yearly Kos and hosting a blogger breakfast and participating on a panel. He demonstrated that in Seattle 1 week ago when he met with 15 of our progressive/Democratic bloggers for 40 minutes. Yet, Governor Richardson isn't getting much love from the Kossacks, outside of those of us who have started "for Richardson" blogs.

Today, the Albuquerque Journal published more remarks that Governor Richardson made about bloggers while at the DLC annual meeting.
He also plugged Internet "bloggers," who've become bigger players in national politics.

"Some of the best thinking on energy is happening in the blogs," Richardson said. "I invite you to look at them because I think they're important."
I know a lot of you are reading that, completely ignoring the part about bloggers and saying, "but Governor Richardson was at the DLC meeting, ewwww. " There is a reason for that. As Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, and as a rule, Governor Richardson is reaching out to all constituencies of the Democratic party. He's an inclusive leader, a uniter, unlike George W. Bush. Bill Richardson took questions in Seattle from some of our most liberal bloggers, and engaged in respectful dialogue. If nothing else, some of those bloggers walked away impressed that he was so open to the dialogue. And if you think Governor Richardson is just a tool of the DLC, think again. From his work on the minimum wage, to his support for renewable energy, to his "Year of the Child" initiatives, to his new 5 point plan to get more New Mexicans health care coverage, Bill Richardson carries some excellent progressive credentials.

He's doing outreach to bloggers, and has recognized our importance in the political process, so again I ask, where is the love for Bill Richardson?


At 7:32 AM, Blogger liberaltruth said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to introduce myself to you, I am Cara Valente-Compton, a New Mexico resident and a big supporter of Governor Richardson for President in 2008. I am active in his re-election campaign, my kids are in his commercials and other advertising, my best friend is his political director. I am assured that he will be a candidate in 2008. I feel like he is building a lot of momentum, but not too soon. Hillary is toast at this point, at least in the netroots community, Feingold is a good candidate but I hate to think of him leaving the senate. I firmly believe Bill has the ability to get electoral votes that other democrats can't even conceive of getting again, like Texas.

What are your thoughts on this? You can email me at caracompton11@comcast.net, or visit my blog too. I am going to be reading yours for a bit!



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