Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More from South Carolina

Following up on last week's post by Laurin Manning, Max has posted his thoughts on Governor Richardson's visit to South Carolina.

In their meeting, Governor Richardson explained why he meets with bloggers in the states he visits:
Governor Richardson preempted our first question with an introduction that explained why he chose to contact us for the meeting.

I make it a point in every state I go to to meet with the bloggers, because I think you are a new positive influence on the policy process. Why? Because you’re issue oriented. Two, you’re talking to a lot of disaffected voters that have not participated before, and, three, you’re ideology seems to be in the right direction, most of you. And so that is why I wanted to, you know, take any questions.
Blogging isn't everything in the political process, but Governor Richardson gets it. He understands how blogs can be integrated into the political process and how they can serve as a forum for the discussion of new ideas and as the voice of the people at the grassroots/netroots level.

Max's impressions of Governor Richardson:
Our conversation with Richardson displayed his depth of knowledge and experience in matters of tax policy, economic development, foreign policy, and innovative approach that will make him a fierce national contender for years to come.


Bill Richardson did not equivocate, hedge, or vacillate on any of the questions asked. He provided honest experience-based points of view on several issues of great importance to the future of the United States. I enthusiastically endorse Richardson’s reelection bid in New Mexico, and I look forward to 2008. Look out South Carolinians; you will be seeing much more of the Governor of New Mexico.
Since it comes so early in the primary season, it's nice to see the South Carolinian blogosphere giving the Governor some love. Let's hope that Laurin and Max can build on it and grow a network of dedicated Richardson supporters.


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