Thursday, August 10, 2006

No $ To Lieberman

If you read Matt Stoller's post on MyDD, earlier in the week, about donations to Senator Joe Lieberman (the post has since been edited to correct it), you may have seen something in it about Governor Richardson donating to Joe Lieberman. If that got you all fired up, Democracy for New Mexico will put you at ease.

In more detail, the facts are these. The entity that made the donation looks to be Move America Forward, which is a Republican PAC with a name very similar to Richardson's PAC. Richardson's Moving America Forward PAC was closed down completely in April of 2005. In addition, since Richardson's organization was a state rather than federal PAC, it was prohibited by law from donating to federal campaigns like Lieberman's. It only operated in five states with a goal of registering Hispanic and Native American voters. It succeeded, registering more than 150,000 new voters in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Nevada.

Because Richardson's gubernatorial campaign also is a state level fund, it cant donate to any Senate candidate, either. Both cash and in-kind contributions are prohibited by legal restrictions. So, clearly, there is no way the contribution from something called "Move America Forward" came from the Richardson gubernatorial campaign or his disbanded PAC with a similar name.

I can verify that Richardson's Moving America Forward PAC has been closed down for a while, because this past winter while I was searching for contact info for Richardson's campaign manager, Amanda Cooper, who used to work for the PAC (If my memory is correct she was in charge there), the PAC did not exist at that point nor did it have an address or contact info.

Regardless, if you look at this, you'll see that in 2006 the Moving America Forward PAC belongs to Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.


At 7:36 AM, Blogger liberaltruth said...

Great posting. I am sending it on to Amanda Cooper.



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