Friday, August 18, 2006

Richardson Meets Iowa Bloggers

Yesterday, Governor Richardson took the opportunity to sit down with Iowa bloggers while he was in town. Thanks to Chris Woods for pointing me to his post on the meeting. And it appears, as has been the case with the Governor's past meeting with bloggers in Washington and South Carolina, the meeting was a success.

Governor Richardson even discussed the importance of Iowa in the presidential sweepstakes:
Drew asked a question about the primary calendar (which was a good one since the DNC meets this weekend to vote on the RBC proposal). Gov. Richardson stressed the importance of Iowa because Iowa’s citizens willingly take on the challenging role of grilling the candidates and take their democratic obligation seriously. I believe he said the “essence of democracy” was here in Iowa (I really need to invest in an audio recorder of some kind). As Tom Beaumont of the Register notes here, he doesn’t think that Nevada’s entry will do anything worthy of warranting NH to move its primary up. And he did admit that he’s thinking about running in 08 but his focus is on re-elect this year and recognizes that the path to the presidency comes through Iowa.
While some might say that Richardson made the obligatory statement while in Iowa, I think it's important to note that in my personal experience, Governor Richardson is not a man who throws out platitudes just to make people feel good. He's genuine and he calls it as he sees it. So I hope Iowans will rally around him when he decides to run for President, because Bill Richardson's personal style is very much suited for the retail politics environment that Iowa provides during primary season.

Any chance we'll be seeing an Iowa for Richardson blog, Chris?


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