Saturday, August 05, 2006

Richardson to NH: I'll Be Back

While in New Hampshire the past couple of days, Governor Bill Richardson assured the good people of the Granite State that he'd be back to campaign there even if the DNC moves the Nevada caucus between Iowa and New Hampshire in the Presidential primary schedule.
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson says New Hampshire remains "the epicenter of Presidential politics" and yesterday promised to campaign in the state regardless of when the first-in-the-nation primary is held - even if he violates a national Democratic Party rule by doing so.


"I believe New Hampshire has had a special place in Presidential politics," he said at a fund-raiser for Manchester Alderman and state Senate candidate Betsi DeVries at the state Teamsters hall on Goffstown Road.

"I have tremendous respect for New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary. It's a great test for candidates. It's grassroots. New Hampshire is the epicenter of Presidential politics," Richardson said.

If he runs, he said, "I will be here and I will campaign."

Governor Richardson definitely appears to be laying the groundwork for a run for the White House. With Nevada, a Western state with a growing Hispanic population, possibly moving up on the schedule, and a personal style that is well-suited to the retail politics style of the New Hampshire primary, and the most extensive resume of any potential candidate, Bill Richardson will be a viable contender for the Presidency if he decides to run. We look forward to that day.


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