Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"America's Go-To Guy"

Cross-posted at America for Richardson.

That's right, when it comes to diplomacy, Governor Richardson is America's "go-to" guy, according to American Profile. We can't agree more.
With a resume that includes seven terms in Congress and stints as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and the U.S. Secretary of Energy, the four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee often was the nation's go-to guy when delicate negotiations with Iraq, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea required face-to-face encounters.
But how is it that Bill Richardson is so successful in negotiations with rogue regimes? Just ask his wife, Barbara:

"He's bicultural, and that gives him an insight into dealing with people, especially in tough situations,” says his wife, Barbara. "If you can't do it one way, let's look at another way to achieve a goal. He points out that you have to walk in that person's shoes and know what it is that person needs when you are in negotiations.”
I believe that Richardson truly cares about people and isn't out for his own self-interest like the neo-cons running the current Administration. Having met him, I can sayGovernor Richardson is a warm, friendly guy who listens, and to me that is one key to success in diplomatic negotiations. So while Bush and his cronies tell other nations what they're going to do, Bill Richardson listens and negotiates a win-win for everyone. Even the village idiot can see which strategy has been more successful.


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