Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big News

We'll have a post up in the morning detailing some big news from Governor Richardson (and no it isn't him announcing that he'll be a candidate for POTUS). We hope to be able to add to that news, by announcing that Governor Richardson has secured the release of Paul Salopek and his colleagues, Suleiman Abakar Moussa (Salopeks’s interpreter) and his driver, Abdulraham Anu, from President Al-Bashir of Sudan. We hope Governor Richardson and any staff that may have accompanied him, and Mr. Salopek, Mr. Moussa and Mr. Anu are safely back with their families tomorrow.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning...

UPDATE 2:19pm PST: The news hasn't broken yet, but we'll have a post as soon as the news becomes public.


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