Monday, September 11, 2006

Governor Richardson Gets Some Attention From the Big Boys

Governor Richardson got some attention today from two of the heavyweights in the world of progressive blogs. First up was Daily Kos where Markos blamed Governor Richardson for failing to deliver New Mexico to John Kerry in 2004.
I lost a bit of respect for Richardson when he failed to help deliver New Mexico to Kerry in 2004. He can start making up for it by helping deliver NM-01 to the Democratic column this November. Both chambers of the state legislature are already under Democratic control, and they should stay that way.
What was Richardson going to do Markos, drag people to go vote for Kerry? Twist some arms in the Secretary of State's office and steal some votes for Kerry? And what of other states that didn't go for Kerry? Truth is, the election was lost before election day, so while you might want to blame Richardson for not following through on a recount, as some Kossacks like to do, don't make excuses for the Kerry campaign (with which I had a small paid role). I agree with Markos most of the time, but think he's a little off on this one.

Chris Bowers over at MyDD, noted that Governor Richardson, as chair of the DGA, is going to be sponsoring the MyDD Governor's Forecast.
Starting soon, Governor Bill Richardson's campaign will be sponsoring our Governor's Forecast. This sponsorship will include weekly front-page posts to discuss Governor's races around the nation. As head of the Democratic Governor's Association, this is something that Governor Richardson is particularly well-suited to do.
Nice to see the Governor being covered by the big boys.


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