Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Governor Richardson's 1st Post at MyDD

Tonight Governor Richardson posted for the first time at MyDD, outlining his thoughts on current American public policy and how the states are leading the way, his support for the netroots and an update on some gubernatorial races. In case you missed it, Richardson is sponsoring MyDD's Governor's Forecast. Here's an excerpt from his post tonight:

It is time for a new American foreign policy -- a policy based on diplomacy, strong alliances, and the use of our great military only as a last resort. But while we will have to wait until 2008 to change our foreign policy, we have an opportunity right now to help the millions of Americans who have been abandoned by Washington. In the absence of federal leadership on health care, education, border security, disaster preparedness, the environment, renewable energy, fiscal responsibility and economic development, it is up to states -- and governors -- to get the job done.

Look around. In Wisconsin, in Arizona, in Michigan, in New Hampshire, and in my state of New Mexico, Democratic Governors are making a difference. Our states have balanced budgets. Our states are expanding access to health care. Our states are creating jobs, investing in renewable energy, and making schools work. In the 2006 midterm elections, there are 36 Governors races -- 36 opportunities to make things better.

We don't have to wait for 2008 -- working together, Democrats and the Netroots can win in 2006 and build a track record of success for years to come.

That's why I'm committed to supporting and building the progressive online infrastructure we need to win now. It's why the Democratic Governors Association is stepping up our internet efforts to serve as a clearinghouse for information on races around the country and how people can get involved. It's why I've set up a page at ActBlue.com to highlight our candidates, and why it's so important to activate ActBlue fundraising for every state. And it's why I'm proud to partner with MyDD to sponsor the Governor Forecast 2006.

The truth is, none of the potential 2008 candidates are saying the kinds of things that Bill Richardson is saying and none of them are providing the kind of leadership that Bill Richardson is, and that's why he is the best candidate to lead this country out of the mess that George W. Bush has created.

And here is Governor Richardson on the netroots, in his own words:


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