Friday, September 15, 2006

The Next Prez Friday Top 5

So Doug Daniels has his Friday Top 5 up at The Next Prez, and Governor Richardson is listed at #5. It's not where Richardson is listed that bothers me, it's Daniels' reasoning for listing him at 5.

5. Bill Richardson (rising) -- Gained more favorable media for negotiating the release of an American journalist in Sudan.

Doug, certainly name recognition helps and positive press stories are always a good thing for any potential candidate. But, there's a better reason why Governor Richardson is on the move.

Governor Richardson is rising because he actually has a foreign policy, something that not many potential candidates nor the Bush Administration have. He understands the issues, he's been there and done that, and there's not a candidate in the Democratic field who has the breadth and depth of experience in foreign policy and foreign relations. Joe Biden may come close, but I know Bill Richardson (ok I've met him but I know his background) and he's no Bill Richardson.


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