Thursday, September 21, 2006

Richardson Establishes Presence InThe Blogosphere

My colleague over at Western Democrat, Landon, scooped me on this story, and not because I didn't know about it, but Governor Richardson has made his entrance into the blogosphere. Landon was also linked to by LP over at NMFBIHOP, who posted his own thoughts on Governor Richardson's blog.

Since two New Mexicans have gone public with the news, I suppose this Washingtonian can do it too.

You can go check out the blog at:, and sign up for an account. I've already signed up. It's running on platform similar to the one used at Daily Kos, and provides a lot of opportunities for users to interface with the campaign. The Plaza, as it is called, also has a clean, slick design, something this blog is sorely lacking.

With posts at Daily Kos, and meeting with bloggers in various states across the country, Governor Richardson has shown himself to be committed to making bloggers a part of the process. He recognizes the value that blogging provides, and you can be sure he will continue to engage in conversations with bloggers and use this medium as a way of elevating the conversation and taking our country back.


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