Friday, September 08, 2006

Richardson is Successful

Earlier today, Governor Richardson was successful in obtaining the release of journalist Paul Salopek and his colleagues from the Sudanese government.
“I am pleased to report that our negotiations were successful, and Paul Salopek will return home to New Mexico with me,” Governor Bill Richardson said today following his meeting with the Sudanese President. “I want to thank the Sudanese President Lt. General Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, who was receptive to my request to release Paul Salopek and his colleagues based on humanitarian grounds. I emphasized to the President that releasing these men was the right thing to do because Paul Salopek is not a spy, he is my constituent and a respected journalist who was attempting to do his job telling the story of the people, culture and history of the sub-Saharan region known as the Sahel.
When is the last time an elected American official was successful with foreign relations? Clearly Bill Richardson is respected by world leaders, judging by his success in negotiating with various regimes in the world.

Want to see more success with foreign policy? Elect Richardson in 2008.

Update: Here is the video.


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