Friday, September 08, 2006

Update from the Campaign Trail

In my e-mail today, I received an update from the Richardson campaign, one I signed up for on his website (in case you thought I was special or something). Here's the latest news from the campaign trail (cut and pasted directly from the e-mail):

Poll results from the Albuquerque Journal

Meanwhile, recent polling shows that the people of New Mexico believe in Governor Richardson's leadership. At a time when only 38% of responders approve of President Bush's job performance and only 35% approve of Congress, an incredible 61% of New Mexicans agree that Governor Richardson is moving New Mexico forward.

Most striking, given the national divide between the two political parties, are the 40% of self-described conservatives who say they would vote for Governor Richardson.

While a bipartisan approval rating of 61% makes his reelection prospects promising, Governor Richardson takes nothing for granted, and is working hard to elect Democrats across New Mexico.

Update from the field

Since the Richardson for Governor field team began reaching out to voters door to door, we've knocked on over 100,000 doors, contacted over 66,000 voters and made voting easy and convenient for over 18,000 voters by signing them up to vote by mail.

If you'd like to vote from the comfort of your home, please contact us and one of our field organizers will send you an application to vote by mail. Voting by mail is easy and convenient – all you have to do is send the application to your County Clerk's office, and you'll receive a ballot you can fill out and mail back.

Fundraising for fellow Democrats

Governor Richardson has been hard at work helping Democratic County Parties and Democratic candidates raise money so that they can take their message to the voters. This summer, the Governor hosted fundraisers for 18 County Democratic parties. He's also hosted fundraisers for State Treasurer candidate James Lewis, State Attorney General Candidate Gary King, San Juan County Magistrate Judge Stacey Biel, and State Representative candidates Tracy Cadigan, Jeff Steinborn, and Rio Rancho Democratic State Representative Tom Swisstack.

Online pledge update

On Wednesday, August 23, we launched an online pledge. Over 600 New Mexicans have signed on to support Governor Richardson's plan to move New Mexico forward. In the past three years, Governor Richardson has cut taxes for every New Mexican, created 76,000 new jobs, protected our environment, and balanced the budget. He's done all of this while taking on the hard work of making our schools work. The Governor knows that the job is not yet done, and with your support, he will strive to give New Mexico's children the education they deserve.

Education podcast

We just launched our latest podcast featuring Governor Richardson and Campaign Chairman Dave Contarino discussing New Mexico's educational accomplishments since Governor Richardson took office. The Governor has had great success improving education, as he's shifted money from administration to the classroom, invested in new schools and modernization, and tied pay raises for our teachers to tough new standards. New Mexico's teacher quality has jumped from 30th to 17th in the nation.


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