Thursday, September 28, 2006

Welcome to The Plaza

Now that The Plaza is up and running, get on over there, meet some new people and see what Governor Richardson is doing for New Mexico and what he could be doing for all of us in 2008. The Governor posted today and described the concept of The Plaza:
Across New Mexico and America, plazas are places where people come together to visit with one another about the issues of the day, and to celebrate good news. Here on The Plaza, we're doing the same thing.
The plaza is a place where all viewpoints are heard and anyone can participate in the discussion. Governor Richardson's blog is aptly named. The Plaza takes that metaphor to a new level because it allows citizens like you and me, but particularly New Mexicans, to interact with their governor on a personal level and to participate more fully in their government and participate in new ways. Kudos to Governor Richardson for utilizing this tool to speak to his constituency, when so many others have yet to embrace it.


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