Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DGA Gives Culver Additional $150K

Chris Woods reports that just last week the Democratic Governors Association, chaired by Governor Richardson, donated an additional $150,000 to Iowa gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver, bringing the DGA total to $1.15 million.

Rasmussen polled this race at 42-42 earlier this month. Angus Reid polled it last Friday at 49-44 in favor of Culver. And the Iowa poll in the Des Moines Register last week had it 46-39 for Culver. It looks like this is going to be a tight race to the end, though it looks like it's leaning towards Culver.

If Chet Culver wins, he will not easily be able to dismiss the help that Bill Richardson gave him, and it's up to us in the blogosphere to help him remember who he's backing in the 2008 election, should Governor Richardson run.


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