Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Governor Richardson to the Rescue, Again

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Someone check to see if he's a Governor by day and a superhero by night...

Whether a failed test or not, now that North Korea has appeared to have detonated a nuclear bomb, let's see how long it takes the Bush Administration to "cut and run" (to use the current Republican vernacular) from its "stay the course" (see previous parenthetical comment) policy of outsourcing American foreign policy responsibilities to China.

Once again, Governor Richardson is prepared to be the adult in the room and has offered his diplomatic services to his country. And unlike George W. Bush who skipped out on his National Guard service, Bill Richardson has answered the call every time his country has needed him.
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson says, as a former U.N. ambassador, he's willing to talk with North Korea on its nuclear program.


"I would do it, but only if the (Bush) administration asks," Richardson, a Democrat, told the newspaper in a telephone interview. "What makes more sense right now is someone directly connected to the administration going. That would be more useful."

In an ironic twist of fate, embattled Rep. Heather Wilson agreed that Governor Richardson should be a part of any delegation to have discussions with North Korea. After all, Wilson can't argue with Richardson's record of success in foreign relations. And as I've pointed out before, there are only two men (both Democrats) who have successfully negotiated with the North Korean government: former President Jimmy Carter and Governor Bill Richardson.

Memo to George W. Bush: Bill Richardson is the best hope to help clean up the mess you've created in your negligence to engage with North Korea.


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