Thursday, October 19, 2006

How Can You Take These Guys Seriously?

I'm talking about Evan Bayh, John Kerry, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. And I'm asking how can you take them seriously as candidates for President in 2008. As Markos noted, they're all misers, and don't seem to care much how the Democratic party does in the midterm elections.

I don't care how much these guys have raised via campaign rallies and the like. At this point, with the only thing standing between us dramatically expanding the playing field is cash, these 2008 hopefuls need to pony up.

$100K from Bayh? Ridiculous and shameful. Insulting, in fact. Dodd has close to $2 million CoH in his Senate reelection kitty. Biden has $3.3 million. Who knows how much more they have stashed away in their leadership PACs.

They can hoard that cash. That's their prerogative. But we shouldn't forget when they ask us to sacrifice for their efforts in 2008. Anyone unwilling to give 'till it hurts to win back Congress and move America forward this year shouldn't get much respect when they ask us to help them out.

Bill Richardson, on the other hand, is not a miser. He's been traveling across the country stumping for Democratic governors and candidates for governor, handing out checks, and on top of all of that doing what he can to make sure that Patricia Madrid defeats GOP rubber-stamp Heather Wilson in NM-01. Governor Richardson also has an ActBlue page up to support Democrats in gubernatorial races across the country.

So if and when the disappointment of election day comes, just remember which Presidential contenders were out there working for the Democrats, and remember that in this country's time of need, Bill Richardson was leading and working hard for you.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new look Ken, the blog is great. Keep up the good work. I am tivo'ing Real Time tonight, if I can find someone who can tape it for me I will get it to you!


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