Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jon Tester Likes Governor Richardson Too

With former Virginia Governor Mark Warner dropping out of the 2008 presidential race, Jon Tester, U.S. Senate candidate and soon to be Senator from Montana was asked who he likes for President in 2008. It's almost like when Reese's put chocolate and peanut butter together. Two great things go together (Tester and Richardson). And here was Jon Tester's response:
Tester, speaking to The Associated Press in a wide-ranging interview Thursday, said he was disappointed to hear centrist and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner dropped out as a potential party candidate in 2008. Tester said he would like to see someone like New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson get the nod.

‘‘That’s a tough question; I don’t know them personally,’’ Tester said of who among the potential candidates he would support. ‘‘I like Richardson down in New Mexico. Other than that I really can’t say.’’
In addition to Tester, I've posted about a Virginian who was for Warner and is now in the Richardson camp, and also received a comment from another Virginian who believes Richardson is the best candidate. This is all further evidence Bill Richardson is the one candidate who benefits most from Mark Warner dropping out of the race.

For the purposes of full disclosure: I've been blogging a lot about Jon Tester over at The View From the Left and at Western Democrat, for over a year now, and I've met Jon twice at fundraising events and have donated to his campaign. Though I'm not an official campaign operative, I am a big supporter of Jon Tester.


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