Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Look at the Land of Enchantment

Or so says upnorth of the blog, Nevada Up North. It seems with Mark Warner's exit from the presidential race in 2008, many more are looking to Bill Richardson. It's not that Governor Richardson wasn't already an excellent candidate. They just didn't know it until now.
Bill on the other hand is tremendously popular in a "red-state," is moderate much like Warner was and has the experience and connections to become the front-runner as far as candidates from Governors.


Now that the man from the Commonwealth of Virginia is out of the picture, eyes should start to look toward the Land of Enchantment.
It's important that this Nevada blogger is lining up behind Bill Richardson. With its new important status, going early on in the primary season (between Iowa and New Hampshire), and with its growing Latino population, labor union force, its location in the West and with it being a swing state, Nevada is Bill Richardson's for the taking.

It's great to see the early support for Governor Richardson in Nevada, and I'd love to see a Nevada for Richardson blog go live and join the "for Richardson" family of blogs.


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