Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Mexico Loves Richardson and Richardson Loves New Mexico

There are those in New Mexico who believe that Governor Richardson has been running for President for a while. His opponent, John Dendahl, frequently harangues Governor Richardson for his travels around the nation. However, as chair of the Democratic Governors Association (a national leadership position within the Democratic Party), Governor Richardson has a responsibility to go out and campaign in support of Democratic governors and Democratic candidates.

However, according to Richardson's campaign
, his latest campaign finance report shows that he hasn't forgotten New Mexico, and New Mexicans haven't forgotten about him.
...more than 4,000 individuals from across the country joined 1,857 New Mexicans in giving to Governor Richardson's campaign. More than 92% of contributions came from individuals. Their grassroots support is helping elect strong Democrats throughout New Mexico.

"This is a critical year for Democrats in New Mexico. The Governor is investing his resources in support of Democratic candidates across the state," Cooper said. "The Governor is the largest financial and resource contributor to the New Mexico coordinated campaign, and his campaign is running the largest get-out-the-vote program in the history of the state, which will turn out Democrats in record numbers."
First of all, that's not the big-moneyed special interests that are bankrolling Richardson, that's average New Mexicans and citizens across the country. And second, Bill Richardson isn't using that money to run for President as John Dendahl would have people believe. He's using it to turn New Mexico blue and get rid of Bush cronies like Representative Heather Wilson.


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