Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reasons Why Governor Richardson Can Win

Oliver Willis has a great post up on his blog, listing a bunch of great reasons why Governor Richardson should be the Democratic nominee and President. Of the reasons Oliver lists, #8 is one of my favorites:
8. From everything I've seen he speaks like a normal person, not with the usual Washington robot nonsense (aka "I proposed an amendment to the bill prior to it's submission to the subcommittee")
That's right. Bill Richardson is a refreshing change from the wonky, aloof, "limousine liberal" elitist types that we've put up in the past. Yeah, I liked Al Gore and John Kerry (briefly worked for him) and voted for both of them. But they couldn't connect to voters like Bill Richardson can. Big words may impress the folks at Harvard and Yale, but the rest of America likes a candidate who talks to them, not the one who talks down to them (or is perceived to be doing so). Voters respond to the candidate who looks and sounds like them. Bill Richardson is truly a man of the people, making you feel like you've known him your whole life when you meet him.


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