Monday, October 02, 2006

Richardson Expands His Base

The Plaza has a post up this morning, recounting the latest ABQ Journal poll, which has Governor Richardson at 60%. But here's the big news:
In fact, a full 35% of of Republicans favor re-electing Governor Richardson, another sign of the broad base of support he enjoys throughout the state.
35% of Republicans want to re-elect Richardson? Translate that to a national election and Richardson wins the Presidency. Now I know those numbers aren't likely to translate (at least not on that level), but my point is that if Bill Richardson can win over Republicans in his own state, he can definitely do it on a national scale.

You think Hillary is going to win over Republicans? Not likely. You think John Kerry will make some friends among GOP voters? Yeah, right. There are only 2 candidates I can think of who might appeal to some GOP voters: John Edwards and Mark Warner, and neither of them have the experience to lead that Richardson does. Bill Richardson is the only prospective candidate for 2008 who has the experience to lead our country and who can appeal to voters of all stripes.


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