Thursday, October 12, 2006

Richardson Gains Support from Warner Fan

On her blog today, Nicole M. Sikora posted about former Virginia governor Mark Warner's decision not to run for President (she was supporting him), and noted that she is switching her allegiance to another candidate.
Also, if true, I will be turning my attentions to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for the job. He's a man with similar values and potential.
I've emailed Nicole and expressed my hope that she'd join and participate in one of our "for Richardson" online communities. So, from Washington for Richardson, welcome to our team Nicole.

And as I expected, Governor Richardson appears to now be picking up support from those formerly supporting Governor Warner. As Nicole said, he's a man with similar values and potential.


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Jack Kennedy said...

As a Virginia politico, and a friend of Nicole, I too must begin to tour Richardson for President in 2008.

In fact, a Richardson-Warner ticket would be unstoppable in the Southwest/South. Both men have character, vision, and capabilities. But, moreover, Governor Richardson has the essential foreig policy experience lacking in most of our presidential candidates.

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Sara said...

I knew it all along...

We will rock the country with Richardson and Warner!


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