Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bill Richardson: He's Done It, They Haven't

Dropping knowledge on us like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Ian over at the Bill Richardson Blog bring us "The Message" and very quickly answer the question: why Bill Richardson? (And yes, that was an old-school hip-hop reference) The message: You've done it, they haven't.

On foreign policy: you’ve done it. They haven’t. You’ve stood toe-to-toe with the nastiest dictators in the world and gotten what you wanted. You’ve been tapped by Democratic and Republican Presidents alike when America has been in a jam. When our sons and daughters overseas needed you, you’ve been there. You’ve done it. They haven’t.

On governing, as an executive: you’ve done it. They haven’t. You’ve corralled a legislature, signed bills into law, set agendas, and been an executive. Your opponents will be some of the best legislators this country has to offer, but we’re electing a Chief Executive. Everyone’s got a favorite President; who’s yours? Maybe you love FDR, former Governor of New York. Maybe you love Reagan, former Governor of California. Bill Clinton balanced a budget because he’d learned how in the governor’s mansion. You’ve governed as an executive. They haven’t.

On balanced budgets: you’ve done it. They haven’t. Your state has a balanced budget and one of the biggest budget reserves in the country. You can do that for America, because you’ve done it in New Mexico. No need to accept it on faith; you’ve already proven it.

On energy. On education. On health care. On managing federal agencies. On issue after issue, you’ve done it; they haven’t.

As I've said before, there is no substitute for experience.


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