Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kos Weighs in on 2008

Earlier today, Kos weighed in on the 2008 race and had this to say about Governor Richardson:

Of course, Bill Richardson will make a play for Nevada, counting on regional kinship and its Latino voters to pull him to the top and give him a boost headed into the next few primaries. In fact, Richardson is a big reason the Nevada caucuses even exist. Still, if it's a battle of Latino voters versus Labor, I would give the edge to labor. My people still don't vote in the numbers they should. But Richardson is also very popular in the Latino community. If anyone can get them out, it'll be him.

Then again, Richardson (and Vilsack) are at a huge disadvantage. In the latest round of campaign finance reform, senators made sure they would get the upper hand by allowing themselves to transfer their senate funds into their presidential account. Governors are not permitted to do so. So senators generally get a $10-20 million head start on governors. Just another reason that the current campaign finance regime needs to be dumped in favor of a brand new, more sensical approach.

What Markos shouldn't discount is Richardson's ability to gain the support of organized labor. I don't think John Edwards has cornered the market on organized labor in Nevada. It's still early, and while he may have labor friends in Nevada, so does every other Democrat in the race I'm betting.

Markos is correct that Governors aren't able to transfer their funds into a presidential account, and he makes the point that senators get a "$10-20 million head start on governors". But I'd like to remind Markos that Democratic Senators have had problems getting elected over the last 40 years. And I'm not worried about Bill Richardson being able to raise money. He's proven himself in that department, specifically in his recent re-election campaign. So Governor Richardson is not at a huge disadvantage, despite what Markos claims.


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