Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Power Rankings Released

The new 2008 power rankings for Presidential contenders by were released earlier today, and Governor Richardson is continuing to rise, checking in at #4. Here's what they say about him:

Richardson has been steadily moving through the pack since recovering from the gaffe over his professional baseball career, or lack thereof. He’s showing some teeth, getting active online, and his resume is unmatched on the track. Still, some are wondering whether he has the discipline for a two-year national campaign. If he finds his message and rhythm, the Tip Sheet predicts he sticks with the lead horses at least through the fall of ‘07.

Candidates of note below Governor Richardson include: John Kerry (#10), Wes Clark (#8), Al Gore (#7), Russ Feingold (#6, even though he isn't running), and Evan Bayh (#5). It's also interesting to note that out of the 10 contenders, Bill Richardson is one of 3 contenders viewed as being on his way up. The rest are in a holding pattern or on their way down.


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