Sunday, November 05, 2006

Republican Dirty Tricks in NM

As things get worse for Republicans nationally, we're starting to see that they are reverting to whatever means necessary to hold onto power. In New Mexico, this means using GOP dirty trick #1: voter disenfranchisement. The Plaza has the details:

After receiving sworn affidavits from voters who were deliberately and repeatedly given incorrect information on voting locations in Albuquerque by the Republican Party and related organizations, District Judge Vanzi is considering a temporary restraining order which would ban the Republican Party from contacting voters who are not registered Republicans. The evidence suggests an active strategy aimed at confusing and disenfranchising minority, Green, and Democratic voters. A hearing will be scheduled tomorrow in response to a Democratic complaint.


All voters should be warned that false information is being spread in an apparent desperate attempt to win the election through confusing and potentially illegal actions. There are other reports of similar calls to Democrats throughout Albuquerque.

These desperate, pathetic attempts by Republican operatives to hold on to whatever power they might have, are not only illegal but antithetical to our democracy. These tactics are precisely what our government lectures other countries about when they conduct elections. And Governor Bill Richardson is standing up to these Republican operatives and standing up for the rights of voters.

"Americans cherish their right to vote, and this attempt to disenfranchise New Mexican voters is an affront to our Democracy. This political dirty trick violates the spirit of the American system as well as state and federal laws," said Governor Bill Richardson.

If you see something that you don't think is right with regard to voting in your area, please contact your county auditor or your local Democratic party office and let them know. We have to be vigilant because as we've seen before, Republicans will do anything to win elections.


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