Monday, November 27, 2006

Richardson The Best Pick For President

At least according to the Columbia Daily Tribune (and all of the "for Richardson" family) he is.

So as not to violate any copyright laws, I'm not going to enumerate all of the reasons Bill Clark laid out for why Governor Richardson should be President, but it's important to say it all boils down to this phrase, "Experienced Leadership. Proven Results", or more simply there is no substitute for experience. Mr. Clark shares the standard fare of Richardson's resume, but it's what he's done as Governor of New Mexico that most people aren't aware of.

As New Mexico governor, he has:

● Become the nation’s first governor to veto eminent domain reform legislation.

● Was successful in making New Mexico the first state in the nation to provide $400,000 in life insurance coverage for New Mexico National Guardsmen on active duty.

● Lowered the income tax and tax on food, yet has balanced the budget and has given New Mexico one of the highest budget reserves in the United States.

● He has been tough on drunken driving, domestic violence and sex crimes.

● He has built a high-wage economy.

● He has developed a statewide water policy in a state where water is often scarce and a source of conflict.

● He has established a statewide pre-kindergarten program.

This is a small snapshot of what Governor Richardson has accomplished and why he should be the next President of the United States. Please read the whole article which makes a great case for Bill Richardson.

Hat tip to Missouri for Richardson.


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