Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Richardson Has Strong Showing in Nevada

Nevada Today has an informal poll up regarding who will win in 2008, and Governor Richardson has a strong showing in second place, only 3 votes behind the leader. He finishes ahead of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Al Gore, and others. This early support in Nevada is important, since the state goes to the polls early on in the primary season.

Nevada is a Western state, with a growing latino population, and if anyone understands the issues of Nevadans, it's Bill Richardson. As former Secretary of Energy he understands Nevada's problems with the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository. As a Latino, he can relate to Nevada's growing Latino population. As governor of a Western state, Richardson understands the issues that come with the geography of the West, such as arid land and a need for water for growing populations. There are so many reasons why Nevada should vote for Richardson. But I'm not here to make the case for Nevada, after all, this is Washington for Richardson.

Hat tip to upnorth at Nevada Up North.


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