Friday, December 15, 2006

Governor Richardson Meets With North Koreans

Today, Governor Richardson is meeting with a North Korean delegation regarding upcoming six party talks about the North Korean nuclear program.

So when you're visiting the United States and your country has been called a part of the "axis of evil" by the current Administration, and you've been subjected to its cowboy diplomacy, who do you call on? In the case of the North Koreans, they call on Bill Richardson.

If you don't know the history, it was Bill Richardson who brought the North Koreans back to the table because of his personal relationship with them. It's an example of how personal relationships, respect and diplomacy can work to bring people to the table to forge agreements. The Bush Administration prefers the blowhard approach, spewing endless rhetoric and threats to try to gain capitulation from those it deems its enemies. You can easily see who gets the better results, and why Governor Richardson needs to be our next President.

Here is a picture of Governor Richardson with the North Korean delegation in Santa Fe today.


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