Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How Richardson Picks Up the Swing Vote

Jonathan Martin of National Review has a well-written, if stereotypical piece about Governor Richardson online. I say stereotypical because one of the negatives he presents is that Governor Richardson may be too much like President Clinton, without really giving any specifics. It's a cheap trick designed to raise doubt in the reader's mind

What caught my eye, however, is one reason why voters in swing states and Independent voters should take a look at Bill Richardson for President.
Richardson also embraces the politics of the west. He’s pro-gun (one of only
four Democratic governors to win the NRA’s endorsement in his reelection bid
this year), has cut taxes, and most importantly has been supportive of business
while also protecting the land. Such policies have brought ranchers and hunters
into the fold, many of them Republicans and conservative-leaning independents,
and helped him garner 68 percent of the vote in his reelection bid this year.

Bill Richardson cannot be painted as a "tax and spend liberal". He's not going to take your guns away, especially if you're a responsible gun owner. He's not going to kill your business. Governor Richardson is a pragmatic individual who works to balance the interests of all sides and find common sense solutions.


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