Saturday, December 30, 2006

Iowa & NH: Don't Tell Them Who To Vote For

If there’s one thing Iowa and New Hampshire voters dislike, it’s being told who is going to be the nominee for President. In the case of 2008, most media attention is being focused on Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama, as they are loudly proclaimed as the front-runners for the nomination.

Barack Obama has achieved cult-like rock star status already and has nowhere to go but down. In fact, John Edwards fired the opening shot at Obama today.
"Identifying the problem and talking about hope is waiting for tomorrow."
Senator Obama can hope and dream all he wants, but hoping doesn't pay the bills, put food on the table, or get people jobs. Decisive leaders like Bill Richardson identify a problem and a course of action to solve the problem.

And everyone knows what they’re getting with Hillary, and I’m pretty sure most voters don't want another 4 years of a Clinton White House. Political dynasties (e.g. Bush, Clinton) are not in fashion with voters.

But when it comes to the retail politics atmosphere of Iowa and New Hampshire, it takes charisma, a willingness to shake hands and kiss babies long after events and meetings have wound down, and being genuine to win. Just being told you're the frontrunner doesn't mean anything to voters in those two states. Bill Richardson has what it takes to compete strongly in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

As we’ve said before:
You have to love the man who holds the Guinness World Record for shaking hands. He held thousands of town hall meetings as a congressman, governor and cabinet secretary. Also, as governor he has held dozens of open office days around the state when any citizen can come and have a few minutes of time. His politics is accessible, not exclusive.
That’s the kind of politics that the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire like.


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