Monday, December 11, 2006

Richardson "Support" From the Right

It might not be support, per se, but Amy Proctor knows a highly-qualified Democratic presidential nominee when she sees one.

Richardson is easily the most qualified of the democrats in the field. He has served as a Governor of a border state, has extensive foreign policy experience as Ambassador to the United Nations in the Clinton administration, and has served in many high-level federal positions including a tour as a Cabinet member as Secretary of Energy.

Richardson is also Hispanic, and can potentially attract the burgeoning Latin/Hispanic vote.

Richardson presents far more problems for the Republican Party than either Senator Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama, democrat Senator for Illinois.


However, if the democrats succeed in nominating Richardson, he is almost certain to become the 44th President of the United States. [emphasis mine]

And who is Amy Proctor, you ask? Check out her bio from her blog.
Amy Proctor is a 39 year old Christian Republican woman born and raised in northeastern USA. She married her husband in 1988 and they have 4 wonderful children.


Amy and her family are devout Catholics. They are very involved in ministry in the Church and also support the Christian Churches in Iraq. Amy & Johnny have raised nearly $15,000+ for the Church in Iraq through designated offerings at Ft. Bragg, NC and Ft. Campbell, KY and other means. They also assist the Church in Iraq through charitable giving from private donors.


Amy counterprotests weekly at anti-war vigils and events, supporting the war on terror and standing against the anti-war movement. She (and other Army wives) have counterprotested so-called Peace Groups at a Cindy Sheehan event, outside of Veterans Hospitals and military posts.
She's not your typical supporter of Democrats, but if people like Amy can recognize that Bill Richardson has all of the qualities necessary to become President of the United States, then he should be able to pick up a significant amount of the Independent and swing vote in a general election. We last saw that when Governor Richardson picked up almost 69% of the vote in his re-election in November. Maybe Amy can start a "Conservatives for Richardson" blog.


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Amy Proctor said...


I need to make a few corrections. 1) My husband, SFC John Proctor wrote the article as a guest piece. We agree on the content. He comments in the reply sections as "Johnny". 2) I do not endorse Richardson for President and would never vote for him.

However, he is the most qualified Democratic candidate and is head and shoulders above Hillary and Obama, for say he is superior to Kerry et al seems obvious, but there, I said it.

Richardson said this recently about the problem at the Mexican/US border:

"No fence ever built has stopped history and this one wouldn’t either. It flies in the face of as a symbol of freedom.”

I don't believe keeping ILLEGALS out of the United States flies in the face of freedom, and that is what the wall is intended to do. Clearly legal immigrants don't need to dodge border police or jump walls. Since the US seems unable to enforce its own laws, I think a wall is fully reasonable.

I also gravely disagree with the Senator's position on abortion.

That said, the point to the piece on my site is that while Hillary and Obama are getting all the attention, the GOP should be more concerned about Bill Richardson who is eminently more qualified than either Senator... and my husband made a great point, which is this: no Senator since JFK in 1960 has been elected President. Governors are almost always elected. This is why the GOP shouldn't minimize Richardson nor over glorify Hillary or Barak Obama in '08.

As for the comment by "nolefan", you are right that Richardson is a bigger threat to the GOP than Hillary, but that's not why the GOP is focused on her or Obama. We live in a shallow, media infiltrated 30 second sound byte society that can relate to hotshots like Hillary and Obama and are too dense to focus on serious politicians like Richardson. He's not sexy right now, and Republicans are threatened by the popularity of Hillary and Obama, even though their chances are suspect. The reason my hubby wrote the entry is for the reason you suggested: they are not as electable and the GOP shouldn't be sidetracked.

Please don't mistake my reality check with Richardson for support. I do nor will I support Richardson.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Ken Camp said...

Thanks for your comment Amy. That's why I put "support" in quotes. My point was that if you can recognize that Bill Richardson is head and shoulders above every other potential Democratic nominee, that perhaps he can pick up support from others like you.

I don't know if your husband is deployed right now, but if he is I hope he stays safe. My father served in the Navy in Vietnam and my grandfather was in the Navy during in WWII and Korea.


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