Saturday, December 30, 2006

Richardson Takes On Climate Change

With woefully inadequate measures being taken by the federal government to curb global warming and the inevitable climate change that comes with it, Governor Richardson has signed an Executive Order to put New Mexico in the forefront of addressing the problem.

Here is what the Executive Order does:

The Governor’s executive order creates a state government implementation team tasked with ensuring policies from the order are carried out. Those policies include:

• Creating a market-based greenhouse gas emissions registry and reduction program

• Advancing carbon capture and sequestration technology’

• Promoting the use of manure from the dairy industry in power generation

• Developing an education and outreach program on green buildings for those private sector builders

• Creating new procurement rules that ensure state government offices have energy efficient appliances

• Mandating that state vehicles use mainly clean, renewable fuels

• Proposes a one-time tax credit of up to 40 percent for the purchase, construction or retrofitting of alternative fuel filling stations.

It is precisely this kind of leadership that the United States needs. While the Bush Administration prefers to deny that global warming exists or swears that it is a myth conjured up by liberals, Bill Richardson is taking decisive action to solve a problem that Al Gore and numerous scientists have stated is perhaps the greatest problem of our time.

Elect Bill Richardson for President and you'll get decisive, common sense problem solving. Experienced leadership...Proven results.


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