Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Richardson to Meet With North Korean Delegation

As a signal of the trust and respect Bill Richardson has earned during his visits with North Korean officials, Kim Jong-Il is sending two envoys to Santa Fe to meet with Governor Richardson about the upcoming six-party talks regarding North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Richardson has long recognized that failure to engage with North Korea is not an option, and clearly the North Koreans respect his brand of diplomacy more than the Bush Administration's brand.
“While I will not be acting as an official representative of the administration, I am pleased to do whatever I can to help increase understanding between our two countries and help move the 6-party talks forward,” said Governor Richardson. “I believe we have an opportunity to use diplomacy to end this crisis and bring stability to the Korean Peninsula. I will press the North Koreans to start dismantling their nuclear weapons.”


Governor Richardson has dealt extensively with North Korea during his tenure as US Congressman, US Ambassador to the United Nations, and Energy Secretary. He has traveled to North Korea five times, most recently last October. This will be the second North Korean delegation to travel to Santa Fe to meet with Governor Richardson. The first visit took place shortly after he took office in January, 2003.
It speaks volumes that the North Koreans don't want to have contact with someone at the State Department or a senior official of the Bush Administration. When it comes to foreign policy, Bill Richardson is listened to and respected in the international community, unlike President Bush and his neo-con lackeys. They're incompetent, they're schoolyard bullies, and they don't get the job done. So it's time to get the children out of the White House and let the man (Richardson) do what he does best.

Update: Emmett has a fine diary posted over at Daily Kos.


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