Thursday, January 25, 2007

Governor Richardson in Nevada on Saturday

As reported by the Nevada Appeal, Governor Richardson will be in Nevada on Saturday for events aimed at turning Nevada blue.
Richardson is scheduled to arrive at the Reno airport at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, and is to be welcomed by a small group of supporters.

Then he has a private meeting with Washoe County Democratic activists, followed by a speech at the Douglas County Democrats' annual fundraising dinner in Minden.
And making clear that he'll be the candidate to beat in Nevada, Governor Richardson has announced the hiring of staff in Nevada, making him the first candidate to do so.
Richardson also is the first candidate to announce hiring staff to organize his campaign in Nevada.

Richardson has hired Theresa Navarro in Reno, rural coordinator Michael Tassone and Las Vegas organizer Javier Trujillo.
Tip of the hat to Nevada Up North, who e-mailed me in December to let me know that Theresa Navarro had been hired by the Richardson campaign (before it was a campaign), though neither of us could confirm it.


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