Sunday, January 28, 2007

John Dendahl to Leave New Mexico

Apparently losing 69% of the voters is a clear sign to get out of town before they round up a posse. At least John Dendahl thinks so.
John Dendahl, a leading figure in the state's Republican Party who took a lopsided loss against Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson in November, said he's leaving New Mexico and will relocate in Denver.


Dendahl leveled much criticism at Richardson, who soundly defeated Dendahl in the general election and now has announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for president.

Dendahl said Richardson "has expanded what I think is corrupt conduct in government in New Mexico and people of New Mexico have accepted it."
Someone cue the violin. It sounds to me like John Dendahl should buy a bunch of Kleenex stock. Or add some sugar to his sour grapes.

Sorry John, your political fortunes won't improve by moving to Denver. You may have noticed that the Democratic National Committee will be hosting its 2008 convention there. Colorado has also become more blue than New Mexico lately, though both are becoming more Democratic.

New Mexico just turned a little bluer.


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