Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Large Flow of Online Donations Benefits Richardson

From the ABQ Tribune:

"We had a huge flow of contributions when we made the announcement without even having a donation request, so we're going to really specialize in that," Richardson said as he was shuffled away following an interview with MSNBC at the state Capitol.

"I think the message I'm putting forth is really popular with younger voters, with technology voters, and the Internet is a huge factor already."

Bill Richardson hasn't yet made a concerted effort to request donations from prospective supporters, but bloggers like me and the good folks over at America for Richardson have been soliciting on his behalf. And it's paying off.

So far, two days into his campaign, Richardson said he's raised "tens of thousands of dollars" over the Internet without even asking.

And we'll keep soliciting and do what we can to complement Governor Richardson's efforts. As I said before, I donated my first $25 the day he announced his intention to run and there's more where that came from.

So, please consider donating whatever you can to Bill Richardson for President. Every little bit helps, no matter how much you can donate. And while you're at it, go tell 5 friends about Governor Richardson.


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