Friday, January 05, 2007

More Commentary on Richardson's Sudan Trip

Heath Haussamen does it again:

Enter Richardson, a brilliant negotiator and, quite possibly, the American who has the best relationship with the Sudanese government.

Richardson has a penchant not only for finding his way into such situations, but also for laying the ground work in advance so that his missions are successful. [emphasis mine]


Should he opt to run for president, a victorious mission would allow Richardson to remind the world that he played an instrumental role in helping stop a conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions.

No potential 2008 candidate even comes close to matching the diplomatic and foreign policy skills of Richardson. The world trusts Bill Richardson, which is why he is in high demand in hot spots like North Korea and Sudan. As it stands, foreign policy is the biggest failure of the Bush Administration, and will clearly be the biggest mess for the next President to clean up. There can be no doubt that Bill Richardson is the most capable and experienced candidate in this aspect.

Haussamen also notes that Governor Richardson will be in Nevada on January 27 for a Democratic party dinner. We've also previously noted that Richardson will be in South Carolina on January 13. And he recently got back from his latest trip to New Hampshire.

I do not have any insider info, nor has anyone connected to Governor Richardson given me any indication that he's running, but having worked in politics for a while and knowing that he's headed to primary states at a time when a Governor would be pushing his legislative agenda at the statehouse, it's hard for me not to believe that Governor Richardson will run.


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