Thursday, January 04, 2007

"The Most Competent of Major Candidates"

At least that's what jobsanger is telling us about why he supports Governor Richardson for President.

So, I have opted for competence. I support Bill Richardson because I believe he is the most competent of the major candidates. He is a successful governor, and was just re-elected by the citizens of New Mexico. He understands the problems that our states face and could be a valuable asset in helping to solve those problems.

He also understands America on the national level, having served for 15 years in the U.S. Congress. He wouldn't need time to figure out Washington as most governors would, and could hit the ground running if elected president.

Even more impressive, he has been effective on the world stage. He has been America's ambassador to the United Nations, and several presidents have used his diplomatic skills to trouble-shoot thorny international problems. He has proven he can talk to anyone and bring them peacefully to reasonable actions.

Richardson is also an excellent campaigner. When you listen to him speak, you come away with the impression of a man with common sense, who truly understands America's problems and has rational solutions to those problems. I believe him to be the most competent of all the candidates.

Note: According to his profile, jobsanger is a 60 year old male from Tarrant County, Texas (suburbs of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area). I've connected him with America for Richardson and Texas for Richardson.


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