Monday, January 29, 2007

Nevada Loves Richardson

Governor Richardson is getting a lot of love from Nevada bloggers after his weekend trip there. It's not surprising.

And in riffing off of Emmett's post from his personal blog (read the whole post, it's worth it), on the difference between Govenor Richardson's blog outreach and that of other candidates, it's clear that Bill Richardson's efforts to reach out to local and state bloggers (in Washington, Nevada, Iowa and South Carolina - that I know of) will pay off in the long run. Governor Richardson won't need the big boys and girls of national-level blogging as much when us local folks are getting the word out about him to voters in our states.

From Olympia Time:
The main difference between Edwards (especially his blog powered tour a few weeks ago) and Richardson is that one has focussed on the national blogosphere, while the other has focussed on smaller, regional blog networks. Edwards is the national guy, Richardson has focussed his attention on the regional blogosphere.

At least in how Richardson has approached the netroots, he seems to understand that local matters. It doesn't matter really what national bloggers pay attention to you, it matters what the bloggers are getting locally.
Here's the love from Nevada:

Nevada Up North has endorsed Richardson for President.
We need someone who can settle international conflict in a way to repair our reputation in the world. Richardson has done it.

We need someone who can speak with leaders across the globe in a manner that creates cooperation and understanding. Richardson has done it.

We need someone who understands the legislative process in Washington DC. Richardson understands it.

We need someone who can create jobs. Richardson has done it.
Coyote Angry has come to a similar conclusion that "Richardson is the man".
I have no idea how Richardson will play in the rest of the country but in the Western states I'm pretty sure he's the man.
And Chip at NevadaDem is also backing Governor Richardson.

Bill Richardson is perhaps the most qualified candidate of any presidential contender (not that being qualified has been the indicator of the eventual winner): U.S. Reprentative at the U.N., U.S. Energy Secretary, many years (16?) in Congress, a history as a masterful negotiator with the worst of America’s enemies, and a stellar record as Governor of New Mexico that would be the envy of any Republican governor – tax reductions, job creation, budget surpluses, attracting new businesses in chosen industries.

Bill struck me as very down to earth. His answers to questions were direct and thoughtful. He has the common touch with his conversational and interpersonal skills, the gift that has probably fueled his success as a negotiator. He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times.


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