Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nevada Presidential Debates

Nevada has some debates scheduled in the 2008 Presidential sweepstakes.
Now, NV Dems have chimed in by not just announcing a "first" candidate debate or forum, but they've released an entire 5-event schedule. -- 2/21 (that's right, NEXT month): AFSCME will be hosting a candidate forum (as opposed to a debate) in Carson City.


3/24: SEIU/Center for American Progress health care forum at UNLV.
-- mid-8/07: apparently piggy-backing off the end of the IA State Fair, NV Dems will sanction their first official "debate" in Reno.
-- 11/2: a one-year out debate sanctioned AND sponsored by the state party.
-- 1/15/08 (one year from tomorrow): the NV Dems are sanctioning a debate for the day after the IA caucuses. Fairly shrewd move as it likely guarantees that all the Dem candidates will fly directly from Des Moines to Vegas, rather than Des Moines to Manchester.


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