Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Richardson on The Bush/McCain Surge in Iraq

After negotiating a ceasefire in Sudan, Governor Richardson, set his sights on another foreign policy debacle: Bush's war in Iraq.
“I strongly oppose any plan to increase American troop levels in Iraq. Sending more
American troops will not make us safer. It will only add to the sectarian violence that is already tearing Iraq apart. I am also very concerned with this plan’s impact on our overburdened National Guard forces, which already compose half of our forces in Iraq.

The only surge we need in Iraq is a diplomatic one. We need to withdraw American
troops from Iraq this year, redeploy our men and women to Afghanistan and other
international terrorism hotspots, and reinvigorate our diplomacy throughout the Middle East. We need a political solution to the Iraq crisis, not a military one.”
The chest-beating, testosterone-laden, "bomb them back to the Stone Age" doctrine has failed. It's time for thoughtful, effective leadership on foreign policy. It's time for Bill Richardson.


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