Monday, January 22, 2007

Richardson on Larry King Live

The transcript for Governor Richardson's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live can be found here. Video will be posted as soon as it's available.

And once again, Governor Richardson outlined his sensible strategy for Iraq.
KING: OK. You're president. What do you do about Iraq?

RICHARDSON: I say that within the year that I'm elected, 2008, that we will withdraw the troops in an orderly way. We redeploy those troops into Afghanistan and the surrounding Persian Gulf to deal with terrorist threats. We convene at the same time, using as leverage the withdrawal, a reconciliation conference to have a date and kind of agreement of power sharing and political administration of the three ethnic groups.

But you can't have a military solution. I would diplomatically force a political solution that gets the Maliki government, if they are still there -- and I don't think that much of them, I think that this prime minister is not just -- not helping us in terms of turning the security over to his country and national reconciliation talks.

I would simply bring the three ethnic groups together. I would bring a donor conference of Muslim countries, Arab countries, European countries, and basically stabilize the Persian Gulf. At the same time, I would talk to Iran and Syria for a broader agreement to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

You do that, Larry, through diplomacy, through talking, through dialogue, not through military solutions.
Bill Richardson is the only candidate with the foreign policy and diplomatic experience to clean up the mess that George Bush has us in in Iraq. And he gets results.
I think I have got a good record. I brought nations together. I've negotiated with bad guys, with good guys.

I believe that if you're going to resolve a problem, you've got to be bipartisan, you have to have some civility. You have to bring people together, Republicans and Democrats.

I've solved problems, fixed problems.
Experienced leadership. Proven results. Richardson in 2008.


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