Sunday, January 21, 2007

Richardson Staff Roll-Call

Hotline On Call has the roll-call of Richardson campaign staffers, and there are some familiar faces to New Mexicans and some D.C. insider types:
Among the key staff:

* Dave Contarino, who ran Richardson's first GOV campaign and was his CoS. He'll be overseeing the campaign.

* Amanda Cooper, who ran the the NM GOV re-elect and also served as the campaign's fundraising dir. She also oversaw Richardson's efforts to raise money for the DGA.

* Pahl Shipley, was most recently the Comm. Dir. and chief spokesperson in the GOV office. Before politics, Shipley worked in Albuquerque local TV news.

* Colleen Turrentine was the national fundraising director for the DLC and in '04 worked for Joe Lieberman's '04 campaign.
Note that Contarino and Cooper just delivered 69% of the voters of New Mexico to Richardson. Given the mix of Beltway insiders and New Mexico politicos, it's shaping up to be a great team.


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